Magnet makes a measurement mistake

Russell Buckley

Russell Buckley of Stuart Henry Kitchens

A customer came in to my studio last week armed with a Magnet kitchen plan and 3D drawings, writes Russell Buckley of Stuart Henry Kitchens.

The customer asked me if I could give her a price based on what Magnet had planned. I did this and the price came in £3k cheaper for better quality cabinets. I told the customer that before placing an order I would need to check the measurements myself as I never trust another person’s room dimensions.

I went out and measured the kitchen and was absolutely astounded (but not surprised) that the measurements that Magnet had taken two weeks earlier had measured the room over two foot longer on one wall than it actually was, plus there was a boxed in lintel that had not been accounted for. And then to top it off, the actual ceiling height would have left the extra tall larder units in the void space between the kitchen and the bedroom above.

I did not make the assumption that this had been previously measured by a ‘professional designer’, thinking that the measurements could have been taken from an assumed architect’s drawings or even taken by the customer themselves. So I asked: “Had Magnet actually been out and measured this room and if so was all the work complete to as it is now?” The customer told me that the Magnet designer had measured up and that all the work was complete.

I’m not making this up; I actually have a copy of the plan in front of me. Using the Magnet plan would have meant the customers range cooker being installed over the doorway from the hall, and on the opposite side where the breakfast bar is situated, people would be sitting on stools with their backs up against the larder unit behind them.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This is why there needs to be some legislation on who is allowed to take responsibility for measuring, planning and designing peoples’ kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Russell Buckley has been in the kitchen industry since 1983 and has worked for major multiples, some high end independents and has had his own family run kitchen studio for six years. He maintains his own blog at:


One thought on “Magnet makes a measurement mistake

  1. In my opinion this is a tactic used to charge a higher price than is necessary Once the deposit is paid and the surveyor check measures the room, the material content is reduced and therefore the profit margin is increased.

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