Large brands should get behind Independent Retailer Month

Large brands understand the influence that a network of good, proactive independent retailers can have on customer perception of their brands, and they have the marketing clout to really throw their weight behind initiatives like Independent Retailer Month (running throughout July) to help drive home to the consumer the unique, exclusive benefits that shopping locally can offer, writes Retail Champion Clare Rayner.

Clare Rayner

Peoples Champion Clare Rayner

The past two years have seen us get some real power-houses behind us, and we’re urging other brands to follow their lead and join the revolution, encouraging people to think twice about turning to out-of-town shopping centres, and to instead support their local independents.

The support Independent Retailer Month gets from big brands has a massive impact on the awareness surrounding it. While I have been urging consumers to make an effort to take 20 per cent of their shopping budget and support their local high street, there is far more reason for them to do so if they have added incentives like these to take advantage of.

Only through continued support and awareness can the campaign continue to gather momentum and turn the perception of the British High Street around to make it great once more.

Retail Champion Clare Rayner launched Independent Retailer Month in 2011. With Independent Retailer Month running throughout July, the driving force behind the initiative is calling on brands to recognize the opportunities available to engage with a consumer base and support the campaign.


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