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If you have not written for this section before, or you are not generally considered as a “recognised expert” in the KBB industry, you must submit, in the first instance, a summary, or outline of the proposed article, on the basis of which we can decide whether or not it will be of interest to the users of the website.

This avoids unnecessary effort and time-wasting on behalf of the author, should the proposal be turned down. We do reserve the right to decide not to publish texts that were originally accepted on the basis of the synopsis, if the full draft does not adhere to that synopsis, or fails to sufficiently live up to it.

Published articles tend to be around 300-500 words in length with a title that reflects the direction and subject matter of the text. Text must be supplied in electronic format, i.e. sent via e-mail. We can accept Microsoft Word and Text Only files.

A photograph of the author (72dpi resolution and at least 300 X 300pix) together with a caption, should accompany the article.

A short ‘About the author’ paragraph should also be supplied, giving details of relevant qualifications, membership of professional organisations, vocational experience, etc., and don’t forget to include the URL of your own blog site.

We are happy to republish a post that has already featured on the author’s blog, but please provide a link to allow our readers to find the original.

Product manufacturers, service suppliers and PR/marketing agents should be aware that advertisements or product plugs thinly (or even thickly) disguised as articles will be not be used as guest blogs. But if your company/client is in a position to write knowledgeably about a KBB issue owing to their experience in the market, then that is acceptable – and the market perspective is a welcome alternative – but the opportunity to increase knowledge, share experiences and further best practice should not be abused.

Contributions and an image of the author should be sent by email to: with ‘Blog Submission’ as the subject.